When talking about survival and preparedness mindset is often brought up.

A person that runs one of the best survival and preparedness forums once said “Survivalism is a lifestyle.”

I liked that too, because to me it makes a lot of sense.

I could talk for hours about how important mindset is. How, in a society with institutions that are failing, have the right, positive and problem-solver attitude is essential. How reaching good levels of awareness is even more important that tactical training, you always having an option, and avoiding trouble is always the best course of action. Heck, even if its not an option in a particular case, awareness may as well translate in you having the upper hand and that may make all the difference regarding the outcome.

Preparedness in the sense we refer to it here at GTA is indeed a lifestyle.

Not the survivalist stereotype, the dark, doom and gloom guy living alone or having his family isolated from the community, but rather an outgoing person that makes sure to have as many options as possible.

Preparing for worst case scenarios because he knows those are part of life and come in all shades of gray. The more prepared you are, the less impact they have on your life.

Even though he knows that keeping your mouth shut about certain things is important, he’s a person involved in the community, trying to make a difference an help others.

There no reason to tell exactly what you have stored, or even go too far into personal beliefs, but you can still help people around you, your neighbors, share information and organize if there’s the will to do so in the community.

Rather than running away form the world, society, or the system, whatever you want to call it, its better to understand how our society and the system that runs it works. Make it work for you as much as possible and protect yourself and your family from its negative aspects.

That reminds me of some people that proudly state “Oh no, we don’t watch TV in our house”

Well guys, slap me silly and call me Martha, but thanks to TV I know that today its virtually impossible to enter the capital district of Buenos Aires, because of the various protests, road blocks, subway and train strikes all in the same day.

The prepared person is informed, not turned to denial.

Preparedness is mindset because it affects the way your brain works as well.

You don’t park your car just anywhere. You park it close to you, and as close to the exit as possible, looking forward ready to leave in a hurry.

Is this paranoid? For some people it may be. For me its common sense. Why would I park anywhere else if there’s no advantage to it? And why would I not do so if it costs me nothing at all?

If there’s enough empty tables, why sit anywhere else in a restaurant if I can sit close to the emergency exit and facing the entrance in case there’s trouble?

When you buy something, choose a tool, or whatever it is you do, always choosing the most versatile option, the more durable one, the best bang for the buck as well. Its all part of a mindset, a compass that guides your actions.

Its also a Lifestyle because it does affect the way you live, in my opinion in a very positive way, disaster, emergency or no problem at all.

I enjoy shooting. I enjoy learning to take care of myself and provide for my family. I enjoy being able to repair my own stuff, and learn when its not within my capabilities.

Its also a lifestyle because it involves your loved ones as well.

A security protocol for your family is only as strong as its weakest link. If you are IDPA shooting world champion but you can’t get your daughter to lock the door even to save her life, that’s as well prepared as you are.

If your wife frowns upon every class you take or every purchase you make, then you also have a problem you should talk about together and decide what you want to do.

It’s a family effort, and a family lifestyle.

Again, this is all very different from the stereotypic weirdo family that lives across the street and everyone there wears cammo.

You and your family, you fit, you adapt, make smart choices, enjoy life and prepare while doing so.

That’s the preparedness lifestyle.

Fernando Aguirre

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